What is Kangaroo Math Competition?
Kangaroo Math Competition or KMC is an international Mathematical competition which more than 52 countries around the globe take part in it.
What would be the advantages of KMC if I intending to participate?
The advantages of KMC could be discovered at www.kangaroomath.com.my
I am 17 years old, am I eligible to participate in KMC?
Yes. KMC is eligible to all students from Pre-School level to Pre-university level. For further inquiries on KMC Categories, you may visit www.kangaroomath.com.my.
How to register for KMC?
You may refer to registration guideline on www.kangaroomath.com.my
I prefer to participate as an individual contestant, how could I register?
You may contact us or whatsapp at 0129300563
May I pay by using postal order?
Unfortunately we did not accept any payment through postal order. You may make the payment via credit or debit card, cheque, bank-in or local order (LO). You could refer www.kangaroomath.com.my for reference of payment methods.
Since KMC is an international competition, where could I have the example of question paper?
You could download the sample of past question papers on www.kangaroomath.com.my
After the competition, when I could know about my result?
The result will be announced in three (3) months period after the competition ended.
If I have any inquiries about KMC, how I could speak to?
You may contact us on www.kangaroomath.com.my and our respective secretariat will assist you shortly.
When the award ceremony will be held?
Award ceremony will be announced after the result come out.